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Our team is lead by Nick Piperidis who is a Registered Building Practitioner.  Nick makes things happen by organising people and resources so ideas, discussions and plans are turned into actions. Nick enjoys meeting with clients to discuss their ideas and needs.  He will analyse in detail information he has at hand and then make decisions based on what is necessary to ensure the successful completion of the project.  Nick relishes being on site and using his extensive management experience to keep the project on track.

Our employees collaborate and work as a team.  At Bay Builders we actively promote the well being of our employees and emphasize the importance of work safety. Our people are required to comply with all building and OH&S regulations when working on our building projects.


Bay Builders offer a structured
framework that focuses on building
quality homes at a cost effective
price. Bay Builders will outline the
work sequence and building
processes using innovative low
cost materials highlighting quality

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